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Vanessa Atler

Born:                  February 17th, 1982
Hometown:         Valencia, California
Coached by:       Ben Corr

Vanessa was USA's Co-National Champ in 1997. She is very popular also due her internet diary (which is a innovation of her, i think). Due internet i've heard of this gymnast a while ago, but never got the chance to watch her in a competition. In this way i was very curious to watch this gymnasts at Worlds 99. Although she hadn't her best time at these Worlds i withnessed her exceptional vaulting talent.

In 2000 Vanessa didnīt make the Olympic team as big surprise to everybody. After the Olympics she joined the Post Olympic Tour.

Her best competition results internationally are the two Gold at Goodwill Games 1998 (vault and floor) and the victory at Canberra Cup.

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